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Interior & exterior of your home will be treated on the initial visit. Call backs at no extra charge!

  • Treatment to most wall electrical outlets

  • Crack & crevice throughout

  • Baits, dust,  treatments applied to bathrooms, laundry & kitchen areas. 

  • Attic treatment with baits or dust

Your home is a big investment and we strive to make sure that investment is protected. We offer both Damage Repair as well as Retreat Only contracts. ALL of our contracts include FORMOSAN coverage. To  ensure you're getting the best possible barrier against termites, we use liquid treatments only. We use the most effective termiticides  in the industry to give you peace of mind


We can tailor our treatments to any type of service you need for your specific business type.

  • Apartments

  • Restaurants

  • Industrial

  • Real Estate Management

  • Hospitals / Medical - Dental offices

Are you buying or selling a new house? Refinancing? Or maybe you're  a real estate agent. Whatever your situaton, We can normally get your Wood Infestation Report to  you or your representative within 48 hours. Reliable reports in a speedy fashion. Give us a call!

If you have a nusiance animal problem We can help! We place and set live traps and monitor those traps on a regular basis. 

Bed bugs can become a big problem fairly quickly. We analyze where in your home bedbugs are nesting and take care of the problem in a timely fashion. 

Exclusion and deterrent services for birds and bats by estimate. We go the heights others won't....Call us Today!

Snakes are scary to many and can be a source of stress. Don't worry we have the knowledge and know how to safetly  remove and repel snakes of all kinds. 

What Is Integrated Pest Management?

Integrated Pest Management, or IPM, is a decision-making process in which observations, including inspection and monitoring, are used to make pest-control decisions based on predetermined management objectives. IPM takes an ecological approach to selecting control methods, combining a variety of chemical and nonchemical control tactics in a way that minimizes risk to people and the environment. This process must include an evaluation and written records to document the procedure and results.

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